Arul Vakku and Amma Meet

“DAIVA BHAKTI – the word requires no introduction to those who spend their life with utmost devotion to God. Mankind is not completely bereft of belief. At every stage of life a person has to call out that divine power to sail through the vast ocean of troubles. The belief on God entirely depends on the religion followed and the upbringing of a person from childhood. Here, which God or how to worship is not important, but to have faith and belief on God is important.
In today’s fast paced life, nuclear family, and other priorities leave very less or even no time for present generation to reach out to God. Even the changing culture has brought about sea changes in beliefs. Under these circumstances, it becomes very important for us, parents to inculcate traditional beliefs and keep the child rooted to culture. Application of Vibhuti or Kumkum on the fore head is considered very sacred and the belief is that it wards off all evils against a person. This is comparable to the Third Eye of Lord Shiva, which denotes destroyer of evils.
One must respect elders by touching their Feet when we see them. Today’s children greet elders too with a ‘Hi’ or a ‘Hello’. This is inappropriate – they should be taught to pay respects to elders. Education alone does not suffice or is important. Children should be taught moral values in life so that they grow up to be good humans. No other caste will let go their customs, culture – so why should we leave ours? There is a dress code for every place and occasion. So when ladies go to a temple, they should wear a saree. Western outfits can be worn, but for a party or a picnic.
Very soon I will be shifting to a bigger and spacious temple of my own where all my children can come and do “Parikrama” (Pradakshinam) to me and Lord Narayan. I will stand by my children in all their efforts of physically and financially contributing towards the construction of my new temple. Come forward and donate to your strength; do not feel bad if your contribution is not big enough like any other devotee, as, for me, each and every paise contributed by my children is of equal importance.”

Every second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, Mata Brahmanandamayi holds a special session, called ‘Amma Meet’, where devotees can meet Amma to seek her guidance about and blessings for handling their personal issues. The Devi explicitly guides Amma on the same.

Please contact and confirm the exact timings before seeking an audience for ‘Amma Meet’.

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